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A Cry Went up in the Desert


Confidential emails from an ‘ordinary’ Australian,
reacting to the appearance of Woomera Detention Centre
in his back yard: January–June 2000

By Rev Dr. Tom Atherton
with Margaret Gunn

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A letter of encouragement amongst a torrent of hate-mail.
A confidential email correspondence documenting six event-filled months.
This book is one man’s response to Australia’s treatment of detainees in its immigration
gulag in the heart of the South Australian desert.
‘Current Australian law provides for “indiscriminate, indeterminate incommunicado
mandatory detention of all persons arriving in this country without papers regardless of
their having fled terror, persecution, hunger and other human rights violations in their
homelands”’. Justice Marcus Einfeld in a speech at the University of NSW 15th August 2000
‘The picture I have is of a prison-like enclave in the desert in which the 1,500 residents
have rights which no one tells them about (right to legal advice, for example). They are
involved in a process of evaluation of their refugee status but no one tells them about the
process… and they have no idea when a decision will be made…’ Rev Dr Tom Atherton
13th June 2000
‘I feel the need to tell this stuff confidentially to someone and you have been elected
unopposed’. Rev Dr Tom Atherton to Margaret Gunn 25th May 2000