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A Seekers Guide to Christian Faith


A Seeker’s Guide to Christian Faith – July 1, 2000

Ben Campbell Johnson PhD


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This Christian primer is for those who are asking the question How can I experience God? A Seeker’s Guide to Christian Faith serves as a simple introduction to the most basic understandings of the Christian faith and will help new believers (and long-time believers too) begin the journey toward knowing God.

Ben Campbell Johnson has written 31 brief, easy-to-read articles or guidances to help seekers begin to deepen their faith. He gently leads the reader through the daily tenets of Christian living including prayer, scripture reading, meditation, outreach, and listening to God and helps them understand the importance of living faithfully. In ordinary language, free from church jargon, the guidances are organised in six overarching themes, essential to the Christian faith: Getting Your Bearings, Naming Your Hunger, Learning a New Language, Discovering the Book, Expressing the Faith, and Reaching Farther. This little book will encourage people who are mostly new to the faith to make sense of inner longings and to recognise that God has always been present in their lives.


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