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Alleluia Aotearoa Music Book


163 hymns and songs.  Words, music and guitar chords


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163 hymns and songs

Words, music and guitar chords

288pp A5 laminated cover, wiro binding

Published 1993. (Reprinted 1995, 1997, 1999, 2002, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2018)

Contributors include: Marnie Barrell, Jillian Bray, David Dell, Felicia Edgecombe, Colin Gibson, Guy Jansen, Jenny McLeod, Willow Macky, Douglas Mews, Shirley Murray, Christopher Norton, Ian Render, Cecily Sheehy, Bill Wallace, Radha Wardrop.

  • The Lord’s Prayer in 7 Pacific Island languages
  • 2 poems by Joy Cowley
  • Foreword by The Most Rev Sir Paul Reeves

In sequence: Title, hymnwriter – single name for person who has written both words and music, two names with first name for words and second name for music and, where applicable, a third name for arranger. A few hymns have been set to two tunes.  Abbreviations – ‘Gibson’ for Colin Gibson, ‘Murray’ for Shirley Erena Murray.

1. Alleluia Aotearoa, Murray
2. All will be well, Julian of Norwich/Betty Wendelborn
3. Alofa mai ia, afio mai, William Rudd/Salvationist Publishing arr. Va’alotu Solofa
4. And did you see him, little star? Helen Clyde/Gibson
5. Aue te tu aroa, Taria Kingstone
6. Ave lou ola, John Marriott/Richard Moyle
7. Because you live, O Christ, Murray/Roy Tankersley
8. Brother, sister, let me serve you, Richard Gillard
9. Carol our Christmas, Murray/Gibson
10. Celebrate each generation, Murray/David Dell
11. Child of blessing, Ronald Cole-Turner/Gibson
12. Child of Christmas story, Murray/Richard Madden
13. Alleluia Aotearoa! Jillian Bray
14. Child of joy and peace, Murray/ (i) Ian Render (ii) Douglas Mews
15. Christ is alive, Murray/Jillian Bray
16. Christ is our peace, Murray/ Irish traditional melody
17. Christ, let us come with you, Murray/Gibson
18. Christian in the picture book, Dorothy Neal Ballantyne/Gibson
19. Church of the living Christ, Murray/Jillian Bray
20. ‘Click, click,’ how the needles fly, Gibson
21. Colour me free! Cecily Sheehy, arr. David Dell
22. Come into the streets into me, Murray, traditional tune arr. Charles Strange
23. Come now, Lord Jesus, Murray/ (i) Douglas Mews (ii) Zulu melody arr. Roy Tankersley
24. Come, on this wedding day, Murray/Ralph Vaughan Williams
25. Come to a wedding, Murray/Gaelic melody arr. Jillian Bray
26. Come to our land, Murray/Gibson
27. Come to the celebration, Marnie Barrell/arr. Douglas Mews
28. Come to this Christmas singing! Murray/Douglas Mews
29. Do this in remembrance of me, Val Cash/arr. Jillian Bray
30. E te Ariki, Maori song
31. E te Atua, Maori song, arr. Nicola Jansen and Guy Jansen
32. E te Iwi, Mona Riini/Hoki Tawa/Kitty Temara
33. Eternal Spirit of the living Christ, Frank von Christierson/Gibson
34. Alleluia Aotearoa! Gibson
35. Even if you’re small, Cecily Sheehy/arr. Douglas Mews
36. Every day, Murray/Gibson
37. Food is given, Cecily Sheehy
38. For all small children, Cecily Sheehy
39. For the bread and wine and blessing, Murray/Guy Jansen
40. For the man and for the woman, Gibson
41. For the music of creation, Murray/Douglas Mews
42. From the apple in the garden, Murray/Gibson
43. From the waiting comes the sign, Murray/Gibson
44. Gentle God, Murray/Jillian Bray
45. Give thanks for life, Murray/Douglas Mews
46. God gave to man the woman, Felicia Edgecombe
47. God is the One whom we seek together, Gibson
48. God of all beauty, Marnie Barrell/Breton melody arr. Douglas Mews
49. God of all time, Murray/Douglas Mews adapt. Jack Schrader
50. God of freedom, God of justice, Murray/Guthrie Foote
51. God of nations, Thomas Bracken/John Woods
52. God of our every day, Murray/Gibson
53. Alleluia Aotearoa! Gibson
54. God of the galaxies, Murray/Douglas Mews
55. Great and deep the Spirit’s purpose, Marnie Barrell/Gibson
56. Great is the Love, Betty Wendelborn, from Mechtild of Magdeburg
57. Great ring of light! Gibson
58. Hail Mary, full of grace! Marnie Barrell/Douglas Mews
59. He came singing love, Gibson
60. Here is the place, Murray/Gibson
61. Here to the house of God we come, Murray/Gibson
62. Here we bring, small or great, Murray/Gibson
63. How happy you who work for peace, Murray/Ian Render
64. How is Jesus present? Cecily Sheehy
65. Ia tatou vivii atu nei, Kelemate Taale
66. I know someone who watches over me, Bonnie Low
67. I will comfort you, John Weir/Gerard Crotty arr. Jillian Bray
68. If I take the wings of the morning, Nigel Eastgate based on Psalm 139
69. In the name of Christ we gather, Murray/Gibson
70. In the presence of your people, Brent Chambers based on Psalm 22
71. In the shaking of God’s mantle, Betty Wendelborn
72. In this familiar place, Gibson
73. Is there no other way? Gibson
74. Is this the end of the world? Cecily Sheehy/arr. Douglas Mews and Jillian Bray
75. I’ve got news, Rosemary Russell
76. I’ve never seen an elephant, Gibson
77. Jesus comes to me as a springtime tree, Joy Cowley/Ian Render
78. Jesus, come to our hearts, William Worley/arr. David Dell
79. Jesus, I come, Murray/Gerald Knight
80. Jesus, I sing your praise, John Franklin
81. Jesus, Saviour, Spirit, Sun, Murray/Jillian Bray
83. Just a cup of water, Felicia Edgecombe
84. Ke tau fakafeta’I (Lord’s prayer in Tongan), Leo Foliaki/Douglas Mews
85. Let justice roll down, Gibson
86. Let’s praise the Creator, Murray/traditional Netherlands melody arr. Eduard Kremser
87. Lift high the cross, Murray/Sydney Nicholson
88. Lift up your hearts to the Lord, Michael Perry/Christopher Norton
89. Light of lights beholden, Jenny McLeod
90. Lo matou Tama e, Kelemete Taale
91. Lord of all love, Gibson
92. Alleluia Aotearoa! Colin Daley
93. Love to the world, David Bell
94. Loving Spirit, Murray/ (i) David Dell (ii) Gibson
95. May the mystery of God enfold us, Joy Cowley/Ian Render
96. New child of God, Murray/Ian Render
97. No te aroa maata noou, Taria Kingstone
98. Te Harinui (Not on a snowy night), Willow Macky/arr. Guy Jansen
99. Now as we go, Murray/Gibson
100. Now to your table spread, Murray/John Ireland
101. Now Jesus came among us, Cecily Sheehy
102. Now unto him, Olive Wood (from Jude vv. 24-25)/ Norma Wood
103. O be joyful in God, Nigel Eastgate (from Psalm 100)
104. O Bread of joy, Sr Veronica R.S.M./ Douglas Mews
105. O Christ who by a cross, Murray/Alfred Smith
106. O God, we bear the imprint of your face, Murray/Orlando Gibbons
107. O he is born, Felicia Edgecombe
108 O little love who comes again, Murray/ (i) Jillian Bray (ii) Nigel Eastgate
109. O the Spirit she moves on the water, Cecily Sheehy/arr. Jenny Bennett
110. O threefold God of tender unity, Bill(W L) Wallace/Jillian Bray
111. One, two, three, alleluia! Cecily Sheehy/arr. Douglas Mews
112. Our Father in heaven, Richard Gillard and John Smith arr. Guy Jansen
113. Our life has its seasons, Murray/Gibson
114. Out of such sun and air, Gibson
115. Purea nei e te hau, Hirini Melbourne
116. Rejoice, be glad, Cecily Sheehy arr. Jenny Bennett
117. Safe in the hands of God, Michael Perry (from Psalm 27)/Christopher Norton
118. Sing a happy alleluia! Murray/Gibson
119. Sing green, Murray/Gibson
120. Sing of the saints, Marnie Barrell/Gibson
121. Alleluia Aotearoa! Guy Jansen
122. Sing to celebrate the city! Murray/Gibson
123. Small things count, Murray/Jillian Bray
124. Some hae meat, Selkirk Grace attr. to Robert Burns/Ronald Dellow
125. Spirit of love, Murray/Gibson
126. Spirit who broods, Murray/Nigel Eastgate
127. Take my gifts, Murray/Gibson
128. Tama ngakau marie, trad. Maori hymn
129. Te Atua mou o Betela, Taria Kingstone
130. Teach us, O loving heart of Christ, Murray/Jillian Bray
131. Alleluia Aotearoa! Ian Render
132. Tell my people I love them, Leonard Barlotti vv. 4 & 5 Guy Jansen/arr. Ian Harrington and Guy Jansen
133. Thank you God, Jillian Bray
134. Thanks be to God, a grace for two groups of singers/Cecily Sheehy
135. The God of heaven thunders, Michael Perry/Christopher Norton
136. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, benediction/ Ian Render
137. The kingdom is within you, Cecily Sheehy
138. The Lord bless you and keep you, Numbers 6: 24-26/Dale Garratt
139. The majesty of mountains, Michael Perry based on Psalm 104/Christopher Norton
140. The spring has come, Murray/Gibson
141. The wind blew keen, Gibson
142. To matou Metua, Ta Upu Pere
143. Touch the earth lightly, Murray/Gibson
144. Wake up! Cecily Sheehy/arr. Douglas Mews
145. We are a wheel, from Hildegard of Bingen/Betty Wendelborn
146. We are an Easter people, Bill Wallace/Alison Carey
147. We do not hope to ease our minds, Marnie Barrell (i) Ian Render (ii) Gibson
148. We thank you for the gift of life, Marnie Barrell/Lewis Redner
149. We wait for you, Murray/Gibson
150. Whakatau mai te Atua, Mona Rona Riini, Hoki Tawa, Kitty Temara, Reg Wharekura
151. When  human voices cannot sing, Murray/Irish traditional melody
152. When the storm winds blow, John Weir based on Isaiah 51:16/Gerard Crotty arr. Guy Jansen
153. When we lift our pack and go, Murray/Ian Render
154. Where is the room? Murray/David Dell
155. When mountains rise to open skies, Murray/Vernon Griffiths
156. When the road runs out, Gibson
157. Who is moving through the silence? John Weir/Ian Render arr. Guy Jansen
158. Who is my mother? Murray/Ian Render
159. Who is the child that is to be born? Murray/Gibson
160. Will you offer me compassion? John Weir/Douglas Mews
161. With a hoot and a toot, Gibson
162. Yes, as the clay, Cecily Sheehy/ arr. Jenny Bennett
163. Alleluia Aotearoa! Cecily Sheehy

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