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And It Was Very Good


Everyday Moments of Awe
By Ed Olfert

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What might it mean, that we are all “created in the image of God?”

For much of his life, Ed Olfert has been intrigued by what glimpses of God might look like. He discovered that looking for God requires a new way of looking, a way that leaves space for awe and mystery.

Glimpses of the Holy surround us every day, every moment. To capture those glimpses, and bring hope to others, Ed began writing short stories – his own version of “Chicken Soup For The Soul” – which have been published in the Prince Albert Daily Herald. He writes about the generations that precede him and the generations that come after. The stories are about neighbours and friends, and include lives that we might not naturally connect to God, to awe and mystery. While in this constant search for Holy glimpses, life for Ed has become very good!

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