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At the End of the Day


Enjoying Life in the Departure Lounge

By David Winter

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An octogenarian takes a wryly humorous look at what it’s like to be old in an era of the relentlessly new. Turning to the Bible, he explores its store of timeless wisdom, encouragement and reassurance about what it has always meant to grow old and be old. The book is structured around a series of fascinating biblical pictures, from the legendary Methuselah to the feisty Sarah and the great leader Moses, from the picture of inevitable decline as the Preacher saw it in Ecclesiastes to the glorious Nunc Dimittis of old Simeon in the temple.

‘At the end of the day’ is a well-worn phrase – yet seeing life as a single day, with dawn, noon, sunny afternoon, twilight and then darkness and sleep, provides a sort of contracted chronology of a journey we are all taking. Those who are at, or beyond, tea-time – as well as their friends and family – may find this book offers an essentially optimistic, positive and attractive picture of both the present and the future.

David Winter introduces At the End of the Day

I wrote At the End of the Day because I wanted to address this situation not as a problem (which is how sociologists, politicians and media commentators seem to see it) but simply as yet another life experience. All through life we move more or less seamlessly from one stage to another, from childhood to adolescence, from that to young adulthood, from that to middle age, and from that to the retirement years. This book is an attempt to record what it is like finally to move into the departure lounge of life, awaiting the call to board our flight from this life to whatever it is that God has planned for us at its end.