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Breaking Calabashes Leaders’ Guide


Becoming an Intercultural Community in a group setting.
Rosemary Dewerse

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This Leader’s Guide is designed for those who have read the book and plan to use it in a group setting where everyone has their own copy of the Breaking Calabashes.
This Guide is designed to aid those who would like to engage with Breaking Calabashes: Becoming an Intercultural Community in a group setting.

Leadership for an intercultural community as described in the book is invitational and the work of a midwife and quilter.
It thus:

• delights in giving away the authority to speak and lead to others
• values the process of engaging with others
• seeks to ask good and grounded questions
• takes risks
• speaks the truth
• models and facilitates curiosity, imagination and an adventurous spirit

The activities suggested here are aimed at helping you cultivate these skills in yourself,
as well as growing them in the members of the group(s) you will facilitate.

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