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Children’s Ministry Pocket Guide to Special Needs


Quick Tips to Reach Every Child in the Classroom

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With this children’s ministry training book, you’ll equip your ministry to identify and confidently reach out to kids with special needs. Children’s Ministry Pocket Guide to Special Needs is a handy tool that contains relevant teaching techniques, age-appropriate ways to inspire positive peer relationships, tips for partnering with parents and more! Parents of special needs children will feel valued and welcomed to know that your ministry is proactively addressing the needs of their children.

For just over a dollar each, you can equip and empower 10 volunteers with this special needs ministry training. Pocket Guide to Special Needs includes surveys and tools to guide teachers as they partner with parents–and establish action plans that work.

This children’s ministry resource includes:

  • Definitions of the top 10 diagnosed learning disabilities
  • Suggested ways to meet their learning needs
  • Recommendations for parents of special needs to improve their child’s experience in your class
  • Surveys to help teachers partner with parents…and establish action plans that work

Great special needs ministry training for children’s workers, children’s leaders, and church staff members, creating a better awareness about special needs children in the church.

Jesus said, “Let all the children come to me.” Not some. Not most. All the children. And that’s just what you strive to do each week in your class–help your kids know and love Jesus. Typical kids and kids with special needs.

That can happen, by the way. And you’re the key.

You can create a classroom environment that welcomes all kids, including kids with special needs. A classroom that celebrates kids’ individual strengths. That reflects how wonderfully made each of your children is.

There are things you can do this week to welcome kids with special needs into your classroom. This little book can help! Using the techniques contained here will help you reach every child as you share Jesus’ unconditional love.

This Pocket Guide to Special Needs is packed with specific information, tools, and tips to help you get started. You’ll quickly leap forward as you learn more about these unique children in your class. You’ll get proven strategies for teaching kids with a variety of special needs, plus additional tips to connect with parents, and make your class more accessible to all.

When you provide a place where kids with special needs are included, valued, and loved, you model wholeheartedly what Jesus tells us to do. So get ready to let all the children come to him!

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