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Emmanuel Assemblies for Christmas


A Musical and Dramatic Retelling of the Christmas Story
By Mark Baxter

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Resource of this title includes five assembly outlines (plus an extra outline for Epiphany); follow-up material for Years 4 to 6; music scores; and, MP3 downloads Material has been developed over many years at Hook-with-Warsash CE Controlled Primary School. Children are fully involved through the inclusion of presentation material, suitable instrumental accompaniments and vocal harmonies where appropriate. This title is ideal both for teachers without music or keyboard skills, and those with musical expertise. Collective worship is designed to build up the children’s knowledge and understanding of the story of Christmas and provide a structure and framework for teachers to cover the key teaching aspects of this season. Resources of this title are photocopiable. It is suitable for primary teachers, head teachers, RE coordinators, RE and drama specialists required to lead collective worship in the weeks before Christmas. “Emmanuel” is a musical and dramatic interpretation of the Christmas story intended primarily for use in collective worship.
The material comprises five ready-to-use outlines for collective worship; follow-up suggestions and reflections for the classroom; easy-to use presentation scripts; and, easy-to-play music scores for all the songs which are original compositions. “Emmanuel” is designed for use as a series of six collective worship outlines, designed for use in the busy lead up to Christmas, starting in the first week of Advent and finishing with Epiphany. Alternatively, it is suitable for use as a stand-alone nativity act of worship with presentation readings or an end-of-term presentation in school or service hosted by the local church.

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