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For Any Moment


For meditation and reflection
By Rae Trenerry


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Four line psalms with photographic images by the author, for prayer and meditation.

So often we underestimate how dearly God loves us, and yearns for us to spend time in God’s presence. With deep compassion, God invites us to come, to be embraced by holy, loving forgiveness, to be welcomed by grace beyond our imagination.

it is not in god’s nature o refuse any who come, no matter how tentatively we may try to creep in. As the psalmist of old discovered. God is present in all of human life, willing and ready to guide, strengthen, nurture, embolden, constrain, fill with joy, and breathe peace. And so much besides.

It is hoped that these pages will lead you into god’s wonderful presence and light, assuring you that God is indeed with you.

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