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Fresh Out of The Box Volume 2


Digital Worship Experiences for Youth Gatherings
By Len Wilson, Jason Moore, Tom Boomershine, Amelia Coop


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A set of 10 digital experiences for use during youth worship. The book, containing the complete text of the services, and an introduction for putting it together, will include a DVD that contains re-useable video clips for the following themes: 1. Superhero or Servant: Jesus chose to be a servant leader: Luke 4:1-13 2. CEO of the Cosmos: Just as a CEO sets the direction for a company, Christ sets the direction for the world: Acts 1:6-11 3. Get Out: Casting out the evil from our lives: Luke 8:26-39 4. Fresh Out of the Box: God makes us a new creation: John 3:1-17 5. The Flip Side: Life in Christ is counter-culture: Luke 6:17-26 6. Good to Go: Following Jesus into a new life: John 21:1-19 7. Sudden Death: Life is short; we all need God: Luke 13:1-9 8. Simply Unreliable: Faith in Jesus and not signs and wonders provides the real answers to life: Mark 10:17-27 9. Ride of Your Life: Following Jesus is a thrilling ride: Luke 10:17-22 10. Guided by the Light: Grace in the risen Christ who fulfills the law: John 12:44-50




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