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Genesis to Revelation Series – New Testament options


A comprehensive verse by verse exploration of the Bible
Select from the New Testament books, for both participants and leaders book


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This revision of the Abingdon classic Genesis to Revelation series is a comprehensive, verse-by-verse, book-by-book study of the Bible based on the NIV. These studies help readers strengthen their understanding and appreciation of the Bible by enabling them to engage the Scripture on three levels:

  1. What does the Bible say? Questions to consider while reading the passage for each session.
  2. What does the passage mean? Unpacks key verses in the selected passage.
  3. How does the Scripture relate to my life? Provides three major ideas that have meaning for our lives today.

The meaning of the selected passages is made clear by considering such aspects as ancient customs, locations of places, and the meanings of words. The simple format makes the study easy to use.

More than 3.5 million copies of the series have been sold.


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Matthew participants, Matthew Leaders, Mark participants, Mark Leader, Luke participants, Luke Leader, John participants, John leaders, Acts participants, Acts Leader, Romans participants, Romans Leader, 12 Corith, Gal, Eph participants, 12 Corith, Gal, Eph Leader, Philipp, Coloss, 12 Thess, 12 Tim, Titus, Phile participants, Philipp, Coloss, 12 Thess, 12 Tim, Titus, Phile Leader, Heb, James, 12 Peter, 123 John, Jude participants, Heb, James, 12 Peter, 123 John, Jude Leader, Revelation participants, Revelation Leaders


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