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Getting Ready for Baptism


A practical course preparing children for baptism
By Richard Burge, Penny Fuller and Mary Hawes

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Baptism is a very special moment in the Christian journey. It is a moment of awe and wonder, and of recognition that we are accepted by God and special in his sight.

Getting Ready for Baptism recognises that baptism can take place at any age and stage of life. Its aim is to deepen understanding of the biblical background to baptism for all involved and to explore what it means to be a child of God. With the emphasis on facilitating rather than a teacher-led approach, the material seeks to encourage all those involved in the sacrament, whether they are the candidate, the parent, godparent, friend, extended family member, or member of the church community.

Part 1 focuses on baptism as a ministry. It explores the relationship between the candidate, parents, and godparents, examines the place of discipleship for those taking part, considers the implications of baptism for the whole worshipping community, and places the emphasis on baptism being a step to belonging as well as a statement of belief. Part 2 offers three practical sessions: Come to the party!, Enjoy the party! and Party on! A task-based activity book is available separately to help the child make a personal record of his or her baptism journey.

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