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Hurry Less Worry Less This Christmastime


Having the holiday season you long for
By Judy Christie

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This useful book will help busy people learn to celebrate more joyfully, peacefully, and deeply during the holiday season the days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day and on through the Christian celebration of Epiphany. Judy Pace Christie meets us where we are, in a frenzied, out-of-control frame of mind, and helps us begin to have a deeper understanding of the joy of the season and its deep meaning for our lives overall and how that can be a starting point for a more abundant life in the new year.

Using the holiday season as an entry point, Christie guides us to a more helpful, Christian understanding of this time of year. Aspects of the liturgical calendar are introduced as part of this process, including the Christian understandings of Advent, Christmas, and Ephiphany. She gives us practical tools for coping with holiday pressures but above all stresses the need for transformation from a secular perspective to a Christian one.

Hurry Less Worry Less at Christmastime will assist in identifying what people love about the holiday season and what they want to change. The book can also be used as a study book for church small groups or Sunday school classes, leading up to the holidays.
In her delightful, contemporary, and practical book, Judy Pace Christie takes the Grinch out of holiday preparations. She enabled me to see Christmas as a sacred, joyful journey rather than a difficult, demanding marathon.
-Nell W. Mohney, Author of “Slay Your Giants”
Judy Pace Christie must have been reading my mind I ve already started planning a simpler, calmer holiday season this year.
-Cynthia Bond Hopson, Author of ” Bad Hair Days, Rainy Days, and Mondays”
” Judy Pace Christie provides a welcome reminder to wait upon the Lord, and some practical, real-life steps toward comfort, joy, and simplicity.
-Rob Weber, Co-author of “Beginnings: The Spiritual Life”
“Judy Pace Christie, after working as a journalist for twenty-five years, left the daily news business to open a consulting firm that works with individuals, businesses, and churches on strategies for meaningful life and work, including goal-setting, living fully, and balancing personal and professional lives. She is the author of Hurry Less, Worry Less and co-author of Awesome Altars. Judy and her husband live in northwest Louisiana.

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