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Join the Circle: Childrens’s Liturgy of the Word


Lectionary Cycle Years A, B and C
568 pages in 3 ring binder with CD
By Margie Abbott

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This version of Join the Circle is abridged and modified to support Parishes and Schools who wish to lead children in regular celebrations of the Liturgy of the Word. Join the Circle is based on a three year cycle: Year A, B and C. Join the Circle is designed to make the Liturgy of the Word relevant for children. Join the Circle begins with the first week of February and ends on the 4th Sunday of Advent each year.

Each week a take home sheet may be photocopied for all the children celebrating the Liturgy. This sheet accompanies an outline of the liturgy.

Includes  CD of songs.
Our logo is created in a circle and captures the four seasons of the year, summer, autumn, winter and spring.

Each of these seasons corresponds to the four elements of earth, air, fire and water. Children are familiar with the four elements and four seasons and can readily make the connections each week with the particular aspect of the Liturgical Year that is being celebrated. You will also find an A4 coloured picture of the logo for regular use. It is envisaged that the logo may be mounted or laminated and placed in a sacred space
each week when the children gather to celebrate the Liturgy of the Word.

Seasons are not always easily demarcated in some parts of Australia and New Zealand and you are strongly advised to draw on the particular aspects of your season that most appropriately help the children to make the connections. The use of the logo will help to make the connections.

Each week the children’s liturgy will include song, reflective prayer, a Profession of Faith, a dramatic reading of the Sunday Gospel and a homily lead by the
leader of the Children’s Liturgy. We encourage the movement from the main body of the church to a smaller room for the children’s celebration. Set up beforehand the space so that it is inviting and attractive for the children to enter. Place the lectionary candle and cloth in front of the altar so that these can be carried out after the Presider has blessed the children.

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