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Living into the Answers


A Workbook for Personal Spiritual Discernment
By Valerie K. Isenhower, Judith A. Todd



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What do I do now?!

Face life’s “forks in the road” and write your own future—fearlessly. Be guided to your own wisdom within the context of the always-present divine voice. Living into the Answers teaches a way to ask for and receive God’s guidance as you approach an issue or choice.

“Large or small, the decisions of life point toward particular paths,” write Isenhower and Todd. “Paying attention to the process of discerning God’s desire for our life starts us on a journey that leads to abundant life. …It opens us to a larger number of life choices and to a more interactive relationship with God who calls us for future possibilities.”

Discernment isn’t magic. It isn’t passive. Discernment isn’t a complicated mystical practice. Rather, it’s a process of listening and choosing based on the understanding that God is to be at the center of decision making. The authors explain how to live in a way that satisfies the yearning for a deeper connection with the spiritual.

There may not always be one “right” answer because there’s no shortcut to knowing which job to take, house to buy or relationship to pursue. But we don’t have to make these decisions alone. As people of faith, we know every aspect of our lives is important to God, who created us for a purpose.

Living into the Answers is an inspiring and practical personal workbook that

  • introduces tools and practices that invite God in as we consider priorities and alternatives
  • guides us to create prayerfully considered options
  • helps us live with the confidence that God will use our choices to invite us into a deeper and more fruitful relationship

With Isenhower and Todd as your guides, you’ll learn how to make every decision an opportunity for living in God’s presence more deeply.

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