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Living Stories Year A


Take Off the Blindfold
Connecting bible stories to life.
Written and illustrated by Carolyn Sharp

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This successfully tried material introduces children to faith in Jesus by telling Bible stories in a way that connects with children’s experience and by doing creative activities. Can be successfully used with both large and small groups.

How we do it:
The children have a free choice of craft and a variety of activities at the beginning of each session for around 10 minutes, followed by some worship all together.

Next, all the children hear the story together and interact with the storyteller who is chosen for their ability to communicate well and relate to children. This gives a variety of adults who are gifted in telling stories to interact with the children.

Each week there can be a different storyteller. There is flexibility for the storyteller to include their own style, ideas and experiences.

Each session can stand alone because children don’t come every week, but overall the sessions follow a theme.

After the story has been told, the storyteller gives instructions about the activity that day. The children go into small groups to do the activity with a small group leader. Small group leasers are called shepherds.

The program is activity-based as children talk more openly and remember more while they are doing something themselves.

The shepherds don’t have to do any preparation, just come along and build relationship with the children, sharing in prayer and listening to any concerns as they do the activity together.

Format of Living Story sessions:

  • Key scripture verses
  • Aim of Session
  • Bible Readings


Suggestions of how to engage the children through everyday experience as a lead in to the Bible story.

 Ideas for telling the Bible story:

This includes background information and ideas of how to use objects to give visual impact to the story.

Shepherd Group Activity suitable for children aged 5 to 12 years, which takes around 10 minutes and can be extended. The activity connects the message with the experience of the children and could be a game or something to make or do in the group.

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