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More Everyday Parables


Simple Stories for Spiritual Reflection
By James Taylor

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In his second book of modern parables, author Jim Taylor takes us to territory where Wikipedia doesn’t exist. Where there is no “sure thing.” Where events are ambiguous, unsettling, or just plain ordinary. A place where we, in our culture of “more and better” and “getting somewhere” don’t willingly spend much time. Usually we don’t notice this place much at all in our rush to get “the answer.”

Yet every story, every event, however ordinary or vague, has God in it. More Everyday Parables contains the kind of story that doesn’t have an explanation. Jesus made up his stories on the spot in response to questions from his followers. He used things that had happened to him, or someone he had heard about and made a story about it. Jesus told many of these stories, yet often they have been interpreted for us. And who will ever know exactly what Jesus meant?

Jim Taylor uses the “parable without explanation” in this book to offer an opportunity for the reader to reflect deeply on what the story evokes for them. He tells his stories about everyday happenings that we can all relate to, and then steps back and lets us notice where and how they touched us, if they touched us at all. Then if we wish to go further, he offers some of his own reflections on the story. This may allow new perspectives to open for the reader. Jim also suggests a Bible reading to accompany the theme.

Jim’s stories remind us that God speaks to us through the world around us. And today’s world, for most of us, is not the world of biblical images. More Everyday Parables re-enacts Jesus’ method of teaching God’s word and presence by using what happens as we live our life daily as a way to see God. However, unlike in his first book on parables, Jim does not provide an explanation of the imagery. He lets us go there ourselves.

Jim’s accessible story telling style and the reflections and Biblical references make it ideal for personal study/reflection and group use. Clergy will also find it helpful as an adjunct to the Biblical parables.


  • Introduction to the use of parables
  • Thought provoking one-page stories, reflections, and biblical references
  • Biblical reference index
  • Black and white photographic illustrations

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