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Aboriginal Voices of Healing and Reconciliation
By Wedlidi Speck JoAnn Restoule Karen Close

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How does one define reconciliation that gives meaning to those who have experienced and suffered from colonization, and to those who have not? Is it even possible? This book presents a collection of storytellers whose stories draw on personal, family and community experiences and not only give a narrative of history, but are crucial to the cultural and political resurgence of indigenous nations and, most importantly, a gateway to reconciliation.

Many of these stories were untold for numerous years, as it simply was not safe to share, but the present is a different time, and people are ready to listen. Each voice in this book is unique; the voices will draw you into a new perspective of the challenges the authors faced, as well as the opportunities. Once these voices have been heard, the time for healing, understanding and mentorship may begin.

What ‘Truth and Reconciliation’ means to Alberta Billy, one of the brave voices in this book, is to regain community strength and to help indigenous people heal and educate others. The understanding that should be taken from this book is how resilient the sense of community is with the indigenous people, and how we can learn from them. In the end, the intention behind reconciliation is to form a larger community with no cultural borders, where everyone benefits.

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