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Personal Pilgrimage


One Day Soul Journeys for Busy People
By Viki Hurst

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Busy busy busy. Your life is filled with endless day-to-day activities, and you love it! But, you know that you need to take time for renewal to maintain balance – if only you could find a spot in your full calendar. Many people think of a pilgrimage as one of their ultimate lifetime goals – an expensive, lengthy journey to one of the world’s holy sites that takes years to plan. You don’t have to wait until you have saved the money and can spare the time to start benefiting from a sacred journey. You can create rewarding, simple pilgrimages close to home. Personal Pilgrimage: One Day Soul Journeys for Busy People introduces a life-practice that fits into tight budgets and busy schedules. These short, affordable, local versions of the traditional pilgrimage rejuvenate, inspire and enlighten. Twelve personal pilgrimage templates offer innovative and flexible outlines for your sojourn. Try following the templates for a journey to a hilltop, or a nighttime lookout, or a place just 5 minutes from home. You’ll find wisdom and encouragement in The Index of Inspirational Guides, creative exercises and meditative techniques that promote peace and balance and encourage spiritual exploration.


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