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Philippians: Tasting the Joy of Jesus


Taste, touch, smell, hear and see God’s Word as you study an entire book of the Bible

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Taste, touch, smell, hear and see God’s Word as you study an entire book of the Bible. This book-of-the-Bible series engages participants in creative, new encounters with the Word of God ¦you’ll see lives transformed. Open your time together with a snack (ideas included); watch a moving Scripture passage on DVD, and interact with the Bible through unique encounters; questions, activities, and group projects. Then end with great ideas your group can do together or individually. Everyone plays a role in bringing this multi-sensory Bible experience to life; act as a facilitator, prayer coordinator, food coordinator, and more. 6-8 lessons per book. Every session includes A Sense of History. It’s a brief feature that provides additional cultural and historical context for people studying that particular book of the Bible. Our hope is that it’ll pull in those people who are used to more conventional Bible studies but aren’t so sure about the more “fun” aspects of the BibleSense (i.e., “there’s stuff in here for you guys too” :)) Bonus: Incredible value! Every book includes a DVD with Scripture passages and voiceovers set against dynamic backdrops. Each DVD contains the entire book of the Bible being studied. Session Format: Taste & See (15-20 minutes): The session begins with food – both to give group members a chance to unwind, and to transition them from their busy day and into the theme of the session. After an introductory experience and questions (tying the food element into the theme), the group will view the DVD clip containing the Scripture passage for that session. Breathe Deep (25-35 minutes): This is the central part of the session. Group members will be given the chance to interact with the Scripture passage they’ve just watched, and, through questions and other sensory experiences, they’ll see how it applies to their lives. Some experiences and questions will take place within the larger group setting, and others in smaller groups or pairs. Are You Hearing It? (10-15 minutes): This section moves group members from understanding the meaning of the session’s passage to understanding how the Scripture applies specifically to their lives. In the larger group or in smaller groups/pairs, everyone digs into active learning experiences and life-application questions. Touching Your World (15-20 minutes): This is the “take-home” part of the session. Includes options on how to interact with the Scripture studied and ideas on how to directly apply session insights during the week. During this time, the group will break off into pairs, and each group member will be challenged on which option he or she will take on this week to check in with their partner that week and to take time to pray for one another as they prepare to apply this week’s session.

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