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Questions Jesus Asked


A Six Week Study in the Gospels

By Magrey R. DeVega

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What does Jesus want to know about us?

Jesus was fond of asking questions, many of which cut right to the heart of what it means to be human. Why are you terrified? What do you live for? Who do you say that I am? In Questions Jesus Asked, author Magrey deVega explores six of the most provocative questions Jesus posed to others and guides us in answering them for ourselves.

Asking these questions takes courage. Not only do they reveal what Jesus really cares about, they open a window into our hearts. We all have questions for God, but growth happens when we turn things around and ask what Jesus wants to know about us. When we dare to raise them, these questions bring us a fuller appreciation for the wisdom, power, and presence of God in our lives. Are you willing to step out in faith? Are you ready to answer the questions Jesus asked?

The book can be read alone or used by small groups, and can be used anytime throughout the year. Additional components include video teaching sessions featuring Magrey deVega, and a comprehensive leader guide, making this perfect as a six-week group study done throughout the year.

Published April 2023

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