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Sports Fun for Messy Churches


By Lucy Moore

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Sports Fun for Messy Churches is a great way to enhance your Messy Church experience by providing fun-filled games and sports activities for families to enjoy together. This little book provides a wealth of simple, interactive games and family-friendly sports ideas for Messy Church leaders to use in their sessions.

The author writes:

‘There are plenty of opportunities for individuals of different ages and abilities to be sporty in segregated groups, but Messy Church is all about getting different people together: people with different abilities, of different ages, in different family situations. So the sport-related activities in this book try to be as inclusive of all ages and abilities as possible. They’re suggested in the spirit of bringing whole families and communities together to enjoy themselves and to find out how brilliant different people are in different ways. There are some elements of competition for those who enjoy competing, some elements of creativity for those who like constructing, some elements of healthy eating, healthy spirituality and healthy ‘being’ for those interested in the holistic nature of health; that wholeness which is sometimes called ‘shalom’.

‘Another theme running through the book is that of enjoying the international element of sport. With competitors coming together from all over the world, sporting events are a good time to think about other cultures – their flags, their languages, their games, and their foods.’


‘Lucy has filled this book with original, inspirational and fun sporting ideas. The creativity with which God has blessed her brims from every page. And so as Lucy has shared with us, let us – in turn – share these ideas with the families who come along to Messy Church. As we do so, we will deepen relationships and bring people closer to their creator. This is why I am convinced that Messy Church and sport is truly a match made in heaven.’
Mark Chester


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