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Stories from the Soul


A Guide to finding meaning in your story
By Lyn Bray

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Growing older is a time for reflecting back on our lives. We find ourselves wondering, ‘What did it all mean? What is my life’s purpose now?’ This guide comprises six chapters:
‘Who do you rely on?’
‘The end of the journey’
‘Gratitude and Generosity’

Using a variety of thought-provoking exercises including journaling and reflection, the participant is invited to view their life story through different lenses, leading towards a sense of self-acceptance and meaning. Designed for groups but suitable also for individuals including those in residential aged care.


Sharing your soul story with someone else is not just a pathway to self-discovery (both for you and for them); it is also an opportunity to experience the deeply affirming sense that we are not alone, and we are valued.

from the foreword by Hugh Mackay

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