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Tales of Trauma


Tales of Trauma

by Walter Firth

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By Walter Firth | ISBN 9780645103151

Tales of Trauma is a book comprised of twelve Biblical stories that can be read either in their own right, or used as a Bible Study. Each of the twelve stories enclosed are not stories about how things should be: but in fact the opposite. Each story describes how things were and how things should not be.

In a world where abuse and trauma are ever present, yet frequently silenced, knowing the stories of our past gives us a language and understanding by which we can better engage more safely, more supportively and more humanely as a community than we have previously.

The stories in this unique book have been written in a way that we can be confronted with the brutality and shadow-side of human nature and come to a deeper realization about how to be God’s people, how to engage and sit within stories of trauma and abuse in our lives and communities, and how to live lives that are kinder and more graceful than those that have come before us.

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