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The Art of Peace


Life lessons from Christian mystics

By David Cole (Brother Cassian)

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Deep inner peace and peace of mind with spiritual balance is something everyone wants, but how does one attain it? More importantly, how does one maintain it in the midst of everyday life? Moving through sections on Stillness, Silence, Solitude and Sanctuary, this book draws on the lived experience and learning of the author, as well as the wisdom of Christian contemplatives and mystics from the past, to help people walk the mystic path of peace through life.

David Cole (aka Brother Cassian) is an international spiritual teacher and retreat leader and the Deputy Guardian for the Community of Aidan and Hilda. He is the founder of Waymark Ministries, which creates opportunities for people to engage with the Christian message. His books include Celtic Advent and Celtic Lent (BRF, 2018), Celtic Saints and The Celtic Year (BRF, 2020).