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The Courage to Say No (songbook)


Twenty-three songs for Lent and Easter
By Dave Broom

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Twenty-three songs for Lent and Easter

Tracing the sometimes sure, sometimes faltering steps of Jesus and his followers through the entire season of Lent, to Easter Day and then beyond, these songs allow us to reflect on their progress, enter their experience and ultimately to make their confusion, doubt, joy and liberation our own. Many are four-part harmony, which will be satisfying for music groups or choirs to sing, as well as being accessible to congregations.


* The courage to say no
* Have mercy upon me, O God
* Love which understands
* Travelling the road to freedom
* Lay down your head
* Sing, my soul
* Behold the Holy Lamb of God
* When the Son of God was dying
* When finest aspirations fail
* Thank you for the night
* Maranatha!
* Jesus is risen, alleluia
* Akanamandla
* The Lord of all
* Christ has risen
* Oh freedom
* Easter evening
* Tom’s song
* You hear the lambs a-cryin’
* What wondrous love is this
* When Jesus Christ worked here on earth
* When our master Jesus went away
* Holy forever

Songbook – 96 pp



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