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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


Questions Women ask about Relationships and Christian Beliefs

Published by Qld Churches Together 2021

Edited by Janette Phelan and Levon Kardashian

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Since 1991 the Joint Churches Domestic Violence Prevention Project (JCDVPP), a commission of Queensland Churches Together, has been responding to a recognition that Domestic and Family violence (DFV) is just as prevalent in the Church community as in the community at large.

This booklet was originally published in 2010 and is primarily a resource for victims or survivors of domestic and family violence. It has proved to be very helpful both to women who are practicing Christians and to women who are not members of church communities. It has also been a useful resource for clergy and pastoral carers.

This new edition is extensively edited and updated, with a new section on Children & DFV and expanded information on the nature of DFV and on forgiveness.

It discusses questions that women of faith wrestle with as they attempt to make sense of what is happening to them in an abusive relationship, and to make decisions about the kind of future they want for themselves and their children.