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The Spirituality of Pets


By James Taylor

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Readers will recognize their own pets – and themselves – in the many stories about Mush, Brick, and Phoebe, some of the animal companions who have filled Taylor’s life. Fascinating insights from those who have studied the lives of pets and other animals add to the richness and depth of Taylor’s text.

Heart-warming and inspiring, The Spirituality of Pets invites readers to explore their own spirituality, through the lens of the animals who share their lives. As Taylor says, “You may wonder, can animals teach spirituality if they don’t have spirituality themselves? Our pets may or may not have spirituality themselves – and by the way, I do think that many animals experience elements of awe and wonder, just as we do – but certainly our association with them affects our own spirituality.”

Beautifully illustrated with full-colour photography, The Spirituality of Pets celebrates the love and life and learning our pets bring to us, and the many ways they can open us to the world of the spirit.

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