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When time is short


Everyday collects
By Rae Trenerry


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There are moments in our lives when prayer word are hard to find, whether in t1mes of despair or times of delight,
or even in the midst of everyday life.

These prayers (collect ) are offered to give voice to those moments when our own word are not forthcoming,
or when we’re not sure how to approach God.

The premise is that God, who loves us unceasingly, is constantly beside us, never abandoning us. This is God who welcomes all who come, and pour out their hearts, in entreaty, in praise, in pleasure, in pain. In all our human circumstances, God is present, especially in the rough times, when we feel lost and alone. God’s promise in Christ is: Do not be afraid; I am with you.

May these prayers bring you strength and peace in your daily life.

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