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When Will Jesus Be Enough?


Reclaiming the Power of Worship
By Derek Joyce  (Author), Mark Sorensen (Author)


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Jesus is the purpose and central message of worship.

In this postmodern era, the church finds herself struggling to be heard amidst a myriad of cultural voices where bigger is better and where the hurting and confused just want to feel good.  Joyce and Sorensen remind us that if people “do not see the power of God in churches, they will seek the power of another god elsewhere. ”  As Jesus showed the woman at the well, we have to show people in thier own language that their deepest thirst can only be quenched by living water.

This book will help your church reclaim the power of worship through praise, prayer, study, and Communion. Included are original lyrics and service ideas that can be used in both traditional and contemporary worship settings including Sunday morning, youth meetings, and retreats. The book also provides links to the authors’ websites where you can share ideas and feedback.

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