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Women of the Gospels


Meeting the Women Who Followed Jesus

By Mary Ellen Ashcroft

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Women of the Gospels retells the gospel stories from the perspective of Jesus’s women followers as they gather to comfort each other in the dark hours between Good Friday and Easter morning.  It brings to life the experiences of these women, who lived so close to their Lord, but whose voices have not been heard down the centuries.  It offers both their individual stories – how each was touched by Jesus – and their common story of discovering the good news that brings light even in darkness.  Hearing their voices, at the same time knowing the unimaginable joy of the resurrection in store for them, we too can share in the good news they discovered, giving us hope and purpose in our journey of faith.

Mary Ellen Ashcroft is professor of English at Bethel College in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, and ordained in the Episcopal Church. Her other books include Temptations Women Face and Balancing Act (both published by Kingsway in the UK). She has travelled to the UK as a speaker and retreat leader, and the text of Women of the Gospels has been produced as a play at Clare College, Cambridge.

‘…she has restored the women around Jesus to their role as guides for our own walk with him.  She has given us tools for linking their stories and ours, thinking about the concerns they raise: friendship and family, strength and weakness, disappointment and hope.’ from the Foreword by Veronica Zundel.