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Worship Feast – Prayer Stations


Creating Unforgettable Experiences
By Jonathan Norman, Gavin Richardson, Brandon Brooks


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Today’s postmodern young people are not satisfied with merely observing worship; they want all-out participation in soul-shaping praise to God. Nothing communicates to the worshiping heart of a young person more effectively than a genuine experience that meets God using all of the senses through unique and meaningful multiple prayer encounters. This CD-ROM offers a series of engaging step-by-step video guides for helping youth leaders and youth put together prayer stations that will draw participants closer to God. Clearly presented by a youth pastor, the vignettes provide live coaching and visual examples for achieving significant worship possibilities. The live-coaching can empower youth to create powerful prayer experiences for the larger group or youth events. Ideal for youth-led worship services as well, the CD-ROM includes slide shows of striking still photos set to original ambient music, printable supply lists, and reproducible handouts for prayer stations. Not only will youth workers gain confidence in providing solid worship opportunities, but teens ages 13-“18 will experience the kind of heart-waking worship encounters they desire.

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