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Lay Leaders’ Liturgy

Starting in Advent 2020, MediaCom will launch the new L3 – Lay Leaders’ Liturgy.

A sample week of this new worship resource is available for use on Sunday, 4 October, 2020.

Please download and share this free resource at the highlighted link below.

MediaCom Education would value your feedback and comments which will help shape this exciting new venture. Take the short feedback survey here or email suggestions to

Download Liturgy here.

The resource will be available for purchase in print and online from mid October, 2020. It will also be available in three different formats to suit your purpose, individual use, small group study and congregational worship.

L3 – Lay Leaders’ Liturgy will be delivered four times a year, in both online and print format, covering the Revised Common Lectionary across the following dates:

L3 – Lay Leaders’ Liturgy – format & costs

Lay Leaders’ Liturgy format

Cost per quarter

Full congregational use (print)


Full congregational use (online)


Individual use (print)


Individual use (online)


Small Group use (print)


Small Group use (online)


Distribution Dates

29/Nov/2020 – 14/Feb/2021

Advent, Christmas, Epiphany 2021-2021

21/Feb/2021 – 23/May/2021

Easter, Lent 2021

30/May/2021 – 29/Aug/2021

Pentecost 1 2021

5/Sep/2021 – 21/Nov/2021

Season of Creation, Pentecost 2 2021