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Dear past and current users of Seasons of the Spirit™

We regretfully announce that Seasons of the Spirit, the much loved and much-used whole-of-church Christian education and worship resource, has, after 21 years, come to an end. As of November 2023, Seasons of the Spirit will no longer be available.

The Australian partner in the Seasons’ project, on behalf of the Uniting Church in Australia and other denominations, has been MediaCom Education. Adelaide-based Susan Burt was, from the very beginning, the Coordinating Editor for the whole international project and, before that, the Australian Editor of The Whole People of God.

Susan Burt writes, ‘Seasons’ vision was for an authentic Christianity lived in our culturally diverse and religiously pluralistic world; to be signs of God’s liberating, compassionate, and inclusive love, and to grow in our relationship with God. Seasons nurtured faith through liturgy, ritual, and imagination and encouraged Christian growth through worshipping, learning, and serving together. Our true

curriculum is how we live our lives together.’

MediaCom Education has served the church for forty-two years and, despite its national and international reach, has always been based in Adelaide. Because so much of the work of Seasons of the Spirit has been about relationships, it is natural that many of the Australian contributors – artists, writers, musicians, and others have been Australian and, at times, Aotearoa New Zealand, based. In the twenty-one years since the inception of Seasons, these creatives have enriched the work of this resource. Through their work, development, and international links, they have enriched the church’s life in Australia, Aotearoa New Zealand, and beyond.

As Seasons of the Spirit ends, MediaCom Education is further developing an intergenerational lectionary-based resource that we believe will be a worthwhile follow-on from Seasons. And, so, we let go and prepare for something new to emerge

Introducing L3 – Liturgy, Learning and (purposeful) Life

Liturgy, Learning and (purposeful) Life has been developing over the last two years, with a particular focus on Australian culture and the context of the Australian church. Contributors are Australian and drawn from all parts of its culture and nation.

Lay people, practical theologians, digital creatives, artists, and musicians will bring this resource to life. And, given the ever-changing nature of the Church, L3 will follow the approach of The Whole People of God and Seasons of the Spirit and will be developed in community and in response to user feedback.

More information will be coming out over the next few months. If you would like to stay in touch with the development of L3, please join the MediaCom mailing list, and you will be the first to hear L3 news and other projects in the MediaCom pipeline,

Rev Dr Sarah Agnew (re) introduces L3 here Subscribe to L3 here


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Seasons  Music books and CD’s

There are nine volumes of music books and CDs available.
For Lectionary year A – the selection is from volumes 3, 6 & 9
For Lectionary year B – the selection is from volumes 1, 4 & 7
For Lectionary year C – the selection is from volumes 2, 5 & 8

Music & CDs can be ordered here