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Backyard Theology


Conversation starters on faith, life and leadership
By Andrew Dutney

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Andrew Dutney is a theologian who tells a good story and loves a good conversation. He is passionate about stories and conversations that enable people to notice and name their encounters with God and with their own spiritual selves. Together with his skill at explaining Christian faith and theology in the light of current public issues, this passion has made him a favourite guest speaker at church and community events throughout Australia and a trusted sounding board and interview subject with journalists in all media. Backyard Theology brings together some of Andrew’s short articles, columns and addresses that have already proven themselves to be effective conversation starters on faith, life and leadership. Andrew is the Principal of Uniting College for Leadership & Theology, and Professor in Theology at Flinders University. He is President-elect of the Uniting Church in Australia and will begin his term as President in mid-2012.

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