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BUNDLE – a prayer, a plea, a bird & Tender


by Julie Perrin

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Julie Perrin’s first collection of prayers A prayer, a plea, a bird follows her best-selling collection, Tender, stories that lean into kindness (MediaCom Education 2019)

These new prayers and stories address climate, pandemic and neighbourhood life. Many are written in this new decade. They touch into racism, grief and erasure whilst also finding joy.

A beautiful gift for personal reflection and a ministry resource for pastoral care, worship leadership or spiritual direction.


Julie weaves a sturdy coracle worthy of carrying our dreams and tears across the waves.

Ann Lock, Director, WellSpring Centre.


Julie Perrin has a spirituality that shines even on the dullest day.

Pádraig Ó Tuama, poet, theologian and host of Poetry Unbound.


Julie pays sharp attention to the rawness and pathos of reality. Her writing encourages readers to draw on their traditions, not as authorities to close conversation, but as resources to open it.

Andrew Hamilton, SJ, Consulting Editor, Eureka Street.


A prayer, a plea, a bird speaks to climate, pandemic, grief and beauty. It is a book for this decade.

Susanna Pain, Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral, Sale, Victoria.


 contains 60 non-fiction stories, epiphanies of the beauty, sorrow and holiness arising in locations like the bank, the park and the pool with the invitation to notice kindness.


[from the Introduction to Tender, stories that lean into kindness]

Tender in this sense is a disposition, a way of being in the world in relation to others…There is nothing sentimental or self-promoting about this kind of tender…Tender is gentle yet risky attentiveness. These are stories that truly ‘lean into kindness’. In an audacious phrase she borrows from a friend, Julie suggests ‘the Kindness’ is really just another word for the Kingdom of God.

from the Introduction to Tender, by Jan Morgan and Graeme Garrett co-authors


Julie’s writing is awake to the fragile joy and honest grief of being here in the sacred ordinary.”
Sally Douglas, author and theologian.


Julie’s stories bring to mind the Celtic notion of ‘thin places’ where the distances between heaven and earth seem, for a moment, to be but a film. Hidden within this collection of stories are hints or lessons for living – none didactic, just there for the taking. There are insights on how to be present for a person who has suffered trauma, how to respond when a friend dies or what surprising inner resources might be found when a when a person finds they have parented a child with a serious disability. Tender, stories that lean into kindness is a compelling collection of tales from everyday life, eminently recognizable and totally captivating.

Digby Hannah, songwriter



Julie Perrin folds many layers into her stories: layers of love and layers of hurt; layers of humour and layers of surprise; layers of how language can sometimes shock us and sometimes save us. For her, the whole world is a parish of story, and in her writing, she opens the door to this parish, she lays the table, she invites us in, she sits us down, she tells and she listens.

Pádraig Ó Tuama, theologian, poet



Through 60 stories, each no more than three pages long, Julie Perrin traverses topics as diverse as opening oneself to kindness rather than fear, choosing a life of radical simplicity, the humour of finding her dog in the compost bin, and the delight that Earth Hour elicits in rediscovering the practice of learning poetry by heart.

Reviewed by Cath Connelly for The Melbourne Anglican



In this writing, every word, every punctuation mark, every turn of phrase has been considered in order to draw the reader into the human reality of a simple action, to share the writer’s compassionate regard, and finally to embrace a question that ripples out into widening circles.

Andrew Hamilton, consulting editor, Eureka Street.


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Read more at Julies Website HERE

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