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Charles Harris


A Struggle for Justice
By William W Emilsen

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Australian indigenous leader the Reverend Charles Harris was instrumental in the establishment of the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress, a movement of First Peoples within the Uniting Church in Australia. This is his biography.


William Emilsen has told a story of a champion for First Nations Peoples and for the gospel. Charles Harris was a giant of a man, in courage, in passion, and the pursuit of justice. This is a story of a man called by God to a great task, a story of vision and determination. It’s the story of a selfless life given completely for the sake of his people. It’s the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress story and it is the story of the Uniting Church in Australia.
I believe this story is written “for such a time as this” to inspire us as our nation, in struggle for the recognition of sovereignty and treaties for First Nations Peoples. For all First Nations Peoples to be inspired by Charles Harris’ life and words. For the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress to draw strength and new vigour for God’s purposes of wholistic evangelism. For the Uniting Church in Australia to learn from the lessons of the past.
Rev. Charles Harris: “Born in poverty, lived in anger, motivated by radical, revolutionary love and compassion.” Tinto Saylor sums up an extraordinary life, a gift of God to First Nations Peoples, to our Church and Nation. Friends let this story inspire you to radical, revolutionary love.

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