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Come All You People CD


Shorter songs for worship


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Shorter songs for worship no. 1

Wee songs, chants, responses, choruses, (call them what you will) from the WGWG stable and the world Church. This recording features songs & readings for different elements or parts of the liturgy: Gathering, Praise, Confession, The Word of God, Concern, Gratitude & Communion. Easy to sing, very flexible and effective in large church gatherings. Includes Uyai moseDon’t be afraidTake O take me as I am.


  1. Praise the Lord (reading)
  2. Come All You People /Uyai Mose
  3. Laudate Omnes Gentes
  4. From The Rising Of The Sun
  5. God of all time (reading) + Kyrie
  6. O Lord our God/Ya Tuhanku
  7. Gloria (1)
  8. Send Out Your Light
  9. Gloria (2)
  10. He was in the world (reading) + Behold The Lamb Of God
  11. He will walk (reading) + Wonder And Stare + Alleluia
  12. Agnus Dei
  13. Pour Out, I Will Pour Out
  14. I am the Way (reading) + Lord, To Whom Shall We Go?
  15. Kyrie
  16. Jesus, it’s my son (reading) + Don’t Be Afraid
  17. Behold, I Make All Things New
  18. Take, O Take Me As I Am
  19. Glory And Gratitude And Praise
  20. Heaven And Earth
  21. On our heads and our houses (reading)
  22. Amen

42:00 running time

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