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Companions in Christ: The Way of Prayer Participant’s Book


A Small Group Experience in Spiritual Formation

By Jane E. Vennard and Stephen D. Bryant

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It’s said that prayer is so primal an urge for humankind that we’re born into the world praying. Yet, something so natural and seemingly so easy comes hard sometimes. The Way of Prayer is a 10-week small-group study about the nature, practice, and results of prayer. Some forms of prayer arise in our lives spontaneously, some are learned by rote, and others are stumbled upon as we move through life.

“All prayer, formal or informal, is about our relationship with God,” the authors write. “Somewhere deep inside us resides the experience of being so deeply connected to God that we long to express the wonder of that relationship. We pray because we can-and must.” Honor the ways you were taught to pray while expanding your understanding to include new ways to pray. Topics covered include:

  • How Do You Pray?
  • Images of God
  • Praying by Heart
  • Praying with Music
  • Praying by Gaze
  • Praying with Our Bodies
  • Scriptural Prayer
  • Contemplative Prayer
  • Praying with and for Others
  • Prayer and Social Transformation