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Companions in Christ: The Way of Transforming Discipleship Participant’s Book


The Way of Transforming Discipleship Participant’s Book

By Stephen D. Bryant and Trevor Hudson


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Are you becoming the person God wants you to be? Discover a way to authentic Christian spirituality through this 6-week study. By shining the light of God’s Word into the darkness of our lives, Hudson and Bryant will lead you to a pathway of discovery and growth. Explore the markers of the journey:

  • Becoming a Christ-Follower
  • Knowing Who We Are
  • Changing from the Inside
  • Listening to the Groans
  • Experiencing the God Who Heals
  • Discovering Community Together

“The Upper Room has crafted a practical tool for assisting pilgrims on the journey of transformation,” writes one reviewer. “The Way of Transforming Discipleship is for anyone who is on the way to becoming a true Christ-follower. Not only is this a must-read, but even more so, it is a must-do resource!” Join this journey to experience more deeply what it means to live as a follower of Christ. Understand the meaning of spiritual formation and how it leads to a spirituality that’s authentic and grace-filled. Reflect on what your faith means in terms of who you are, how you must change, how you deal with pain, and how you relate to others. Be challenged to live the whole gospel by authentically connecting spirituality with discipleship.

A group experience of this resource consists of a preparatory meeting, 5 weekly sessions, and a closing retreat. The Way of Transforming Discipleship is appropriate for any group that has completed the Companions in Christ 28-week foundational resource, or it may also be used as an introduction to this powerful program.

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