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Liturgy Learning ( Purposeful) Life

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This resource is produced 4 times per year:
Advent, Christmas, Epiphany |  Lent, Easter   |  Pentecost 1   |  (Season of Creation) Pentecost 2
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L3 – Liturgy, Learning, and (purposeful) Life

A creative and innovative intergenerational, Lectionary that embraces the breadth of ways we worship, learn and live, supporting ministry and nurturing faith in all those hearing the word of God through the resource.

Liturgy, Learning, and (purposeful) Life offers flexibility so local members can feel encouraged and supported in their leadership as they create gatherings that enliven and deepen the worshipping practices with their community.

L3 gathers writers and practitioners across the diversity of the body of Christ who seek to work collaboratively, drawing on the breadth of their experiences across both lay and ordained backgrounds. L3 writers are passionately engaged in providing for the faith formation of individuals and the gathered communities they belong to and share their creative gifts and worship ideas to encourage faith and leadership.

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