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Seasons ENCORE


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Nov 28, 2021 – Nov 20, 2022
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Resources for Worship and Faith Formation for Communities of Practice

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Seasons ENCORE
Sunday School Curriculum SeasonsENCORE

Packs will be mailed twice per year:
Advent, Christmas, Epiphany and Lent, Easter will be mailed out in October 2021
Pentecost 1, Season of Creation/Pentecost will be mailed out in April 2022.

Age-Level Resources are specifically designed to engage various age-levels as they use their imagination to explore the Bible, tradition, science, technology, and the arts.

Lectionary-based Sunday School

SeasonsENCORE Sunday school resources are based on the semi-continuous readings of the Revised Common Lectionary and follow the familiar, easy-to-lead pattern of Focus, Prepare, Gather, Engage, Respond, Bless, and Reflect. A common Biblical Background page outlines the Bible stories for each week and provides commentary on the scripture readings.

As a lectionary-based curriculum, SeasonsENCORE provides Christian education resources for each Sunday of the church year. For the first four weeks of September, SeasonsENCORE users can choose to follow the Revised Common Lectionary or the Season of Creation readings.

SeasonsENCORE shares the same Art Posters, Articles, Music Suggestions, and Biblical Background pages (written new each year) as SeasonsFUSION. Congregations can use both SeasonsFUSION and SeasonsENCORE together, perfectly.

See what’s included in SeasonsENCORE.

The SeasonsENCORE curriculum for Sunday school is available for seven different age-levels:

Adults enter Bible study from a variety of backgrounds and beliefs. Sessions invite adults to deepen their spirituality and explore their faith through activities and articles that encourage a rich engagement with all four of the weekly lectionary readings. Art images, contemporary writings, and consideration of current issues offer meaningful ways to link faith and life. The SeasonsENCORE Adult is a great resource for your next study group!

Ages 15-18
This resource promotes the development of leadership skills and encourages young people to serve in the local and global ministries of the church. A “Digging Deeper” section offers groups that enjoy discussion a chance to explore some themes in greater depth. Leaders will find the Ages 15-18 resource perfect for midweek gatherings, retreats, worship leadership, and outdoor ministry programs.

Ages 12-14
Young teens enjoy self-directed learning. Friendships are important to them and they are beginning to explore a variety of viewpoints within their community and the world. The weekly resources provide opportunities to actively explore the Bible and encourage the development of communication skills. Varied activities meet the needs of different learning styles, and service projects introduce ways to connect with the church and the community.

Ages 9-11
These children enjoy making new friends and typically have the confidence to work in groups. The weekly resources encourage them to use their imaginations and life experiences as they develop biblical knowledge, ask questions, and explore the faith traditions of others. Group projects introduce them to issues of justice and fairness.

Ages 6-8
Weekly resources begin to address the more abstract thinking skills of children in the early grades of school. Leaders will find easy-to-use dramas, stories, and activities that connect with real life and the eager minds of this enthusiastic group. Spiritual development is nurtured through ritual and encouraging relationships with peers and adults. The SeasonsENCORE Ages 6-8 Poster Set includes special Story Props posters exclusive to this age group for each quarter.

Ages 3-5
Children in this age range learn through hands-on activities and enjoy routines and rituals. Their developing motor skills are encouraged in the sessions with songs, fingerplays, group activities, and simple craft projects. The weekly material uses interactive storytelling, puppets, drama, and art images to explore Bible stories. For each season, the Ages 3-5 Poster Set also includes special Storytelling Resource posters exclusive to this age group. And, we provide a free online Age 3 Supplement, for those leaders with a group of mostly 3-year-olds!

Multiage (Ages 5-12)
The SeasonsENCORE Multiage resource is uniquely designed to meet the needs of a leader with a single group of up to 15 children between the ages of 5 and 12. The Multiage resource offers different age-appropriate options for engaging with the biblical stories and provides additional reproducible resource sheets. The Respond section includes “activity zones” that address different ages, interests, learning styles, and abilities. For example, children can choose between an Art zone, Music zone, Outreach zone, or Quiet zone. This group will also experience storytelling scripts, selfdirected learning, and relationships with children of different ages as they create community, sharing time and space each week.

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