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Signs of a New Age – Studies for Advent


* already and not yet in Jesus

Living in the present, looking to the Future

By Christopher Walker

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As we prepare for another Christmas, we can look back to the first, recognise that Jesus is with us in Spirit now, and look forward to the fulfilment of what he began. The new age Jesus inaugurated, the coming of the reign of God, was already evident in Jesus’ activity. Signs of the new age were given in Jesus’ ministry. It is also promised to be completed in the future when God will usher in the fullness of the reign of God, the new Creation.

Study 1 – The nature of the New Age. Only God knows when. Putting on Christ.

 Study 2 – The Messianic king. Jesus the more powerful one. Welcoming one another.

 Study 3 – Creation will see the glory of God. Jesus’ activity. Patiently wait.

 Study 4 – The sign of a child. God with us. Set apart.

Pre-order now, in stock by end of October 2022