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Singing the Journey


100 Songs for Christian worship and action
By Douglas A Simper

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Songs of Justice, Liberation, Hope and Love representing a 50-year journey

an explosion of creativity
crossing the boundaries of pop, rock, jazz, folk, classical and world music

Professional Three Stave Layout
melody line, full guitar chords, complete words under melody, full piano accompaniment

Dynamic Piano Compositions
includes introductions, endings, turn around bars, dynamics, metronome speeds, phrasing, codas, bridges, countermelodies and modulation

Singing the Journey celebrates more than 50 years of writing Christian songs for ‘contemporary’ worship. The 100 songs are a retrospective of my work and vary from miniatures to extended compositions. The songs first appeared in the various books published by Rodan Publications and later Pilgrim Publishing. Some are from Songs from the Still Strange Land published by Joint Board of Christian Education (JBCE). In England I self-published Images and I am God’s Child. In addition, there are 25 new songs which I have written in the last few years.



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