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Through the Valley – the Psalms of Lent


Studies and Meditations on the Psalms for Lent

By Sarah Agnew

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The Psalms invite us to bring our lived experience into our relationship with God. Their rhythms of lament, complaint, thanksgiving, praise, doubt, and delight in God offer us a map through the valley that is Lent.

From deep in our spiritual tradition comes the gift of the Psalms, naming pain and hurt and loss, alienation and grief, confession and the yearning for grace, and the surprising, sometimes unsettling, response of God with Holy Presence, hope, healing, and new life.

In Through the Valley, Sarah Agnew invites us to enter these songs with courage, bring our own stories and songs into the conversation as gifts and listen to each other and to the Spirit on our pilgrimage through the valley once again, returning to the Way when we have faltered, participating in the restoration of relationship with the Holy Source of Life.