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Get Real – A Spiritual Journey for Men


Get RealA Spiritual Journey for Men

Derek Maul


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A serious Christian life is calling you, and it’s not that complicated. It means getting hungry for God, giving up shallow priorities and finding joy in simple service to others. In other words, getting real. Award-winning columnist Derek Maul understands men, the work pressures, the family tensions, the temptations to compromise, and he understands the need for authentic spiritual meaning and growth. “As Christian men we’re called to break out of the mediocrity of our uninspired lives,” he writes. “My ordinariness, it turns out, happens to be the perfect vehicle for the glory of God. Our ordinariness is God’s opportunity. Spiritual growth, then” our deliberate progress as Christians living out our day-to-day lives, is the ultimate exercise in ‘keeping it real.’
Get Real celebrates the emerging 21st-century Christian man. He’s not a stoic lone ranger or a noisy boaster but a spiritual adventurer who’s unafraid to find strength in community with others, including other men. The new Christian man is counter-cultural, rejecting society’s phony values (power, youth, cars, gadgets) and finding courage in Jesus’ invitation of “Follow me.” In bite-sized sections Maul delivers straight talk about faith, family and desire for God. He draws on his own experiences, including his weekly men’s group at church called The Men’s Room. Every man has the potential for a deeper spiritual life. “Each moment holds the possibility of fullness; that is our opportunity,” Maul says. “Each day can be a gift we share with a needy world; that is our decision. Each lifetime bears the fruit of those daily decisions; that will be our legacy.” A Leader’s Guide for a 10-week group study is also available.


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