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Parenting Children for a Life of Faith – Omnibus Edition


Parenting for Faith – Helping Children Meet and Know God

By Rachel Turner

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This book provides inspiration and wisdom for nurturing children into the reality of God’s presence and love, equipping them to access him themselves and encouraging them to grow in a two-way relationship with him that will last a lifetime.

Written by Rachel Turner, Parenting Children for a Life of Faith – Omnibus Edition collects the previous titles Parenting Children for a Life of Faith, Parenting Children for a Life of Purpose, and Parenting Children for a Life of Confidence into one volume, with updated chapters and examples.

‘This is THE handbook of nurturing your children’s faith. (For my full review of it, check out Parenting Children for a Life of Faith.) Every parent should read it! However…it’s quite long. The new version is an omnibus, featuring three books in one, so you don’t need to read all three, but even one might be a challenge for many of us. So – promise me that if you don’t have time for the book, you’ll watch the Parenting for Faith videos (free), listen to the awesome podcast, tune in for Rachel’s regular Facebook Lives or read their blog? At the very least, the Parenting for Faith Instagram account gives lots of quick pointers, ideas and starter questions.’

Lucy Rycroft, The Hope-Filled Family

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