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The Challenge of Change


A Guide to Shaping Change and Changing the Shape of Church
By Phil Potter

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Change can be a frightening thing, particularly if we’re not fully prepared for what it will mean to us. Change in our church is no different, and if we are going to be able to move forward, careful thought and guidance is needed. The author of The Challenge of Cell Church, which has sold over 10,000 copies, returns with this map for healthy and godly change in the local church. Writing as a pastor and practitioner, Phil Potter explains ways of shaping change of any kind in the life of a church and presents a guide to understanding the changing shape of church, in particular the ‘fresh expressions’ of church now emerging. He uses his experiences of leading his own church through five major transition periods, with his own mistakes and personal stories as examples to illustrate his points. The Challenge of Change is ideal for church leaders of any denomination wanting to take their congregations through change. It is also ideal for church members preparing to embark on a particular project, or simply wanting to be equipped for whatever lies ahead. It speaks to reluctant traditionalists and impatient visionaries, to both struggling and thriving congregations.
Also included are over 100 questions for personal and group reflection.

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