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The Lord’s Prayer Unplugged


A wealth of ideas opening up the prayer in ten sessions
By Lucy Moore

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The Lord’s Prayer Unplugged provides a unique opportunity to explore the biblical breadth and depth encapsulated in Jesus’ famous prayer. The material can be used as a complete teaching programme over the course of ten weeks.

Alternatively, each unit stands alone so that the phrases can be studied separately and linked into the teaching of a Bible passage springing from the phrase. An index of Bible passages is included at the end of the book.

Each phrase of the prayer is explored through creative ideas, offering a wealth of thematic gems for teachers to pick and choose to suit their situation. Each unit includes:

  • Get your bearings
  • Extra ideas
  • Why not decorate your space…
  • Prayer
  • Quiet space
  • Songs
  • Icebreakers
  • Craft and art
  • Puppets
  • Bible exploring
  • Ongoing wall display

Includes photocopy permission.

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