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Writing Tides


Finding Grace and Growth Through Writing
By Kent Ira Groff


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People write all the time—memos, cards, or emails, presentations for speaking, teaching, or preaching. Whether you write for personal reflection or for others, this book will deepen the creative process by finding meaning and mystery in ordinary notes or analytical essays, prose or poetry, sermons or lectures, music or lyrics, committee minutes or family stories.

“Writing is a form of contemplation,” wrote Thomas Merton. Exquisitely written, Writing Tides embodies Kent Groff’s passion to help anyone discover contemplative insights through personal reflections, practical notes, or work-related writing.

Drawing upon the author’s experience leading courses in writing, spiritual formation, and vocation, Groff guides readers to discover writing practices that aid meditation, prayer, and spiritual growth.

An excerpt from the Circuit Rider review: “Some will find Writing Tides to be of immense help as they seek to become more creative and disciplined writers; this work will be of particular interest to those for whom creativity and discipline are spiritual matters.”


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